Nutritional Tips to Prevent Heart Failure

Heart failure is the top cause of hospital admissions for Medicare patients, and 25% of them are re-admitted within the first 30 days of going home. Heart failure occurs when the heart muscle becomes damaged, and then too weak to circulate fluids through the body, resulting in swelling, fluid build-up in the lungs and impaired kidney function. Heart failure has a devastating effect physically and financially, and can be fatal.

It is well known that diet has a major impact on the development of heart disease of all types. It is possible to avoid the development of heart disease and heart failure by following a healthy diet. If you already have heart disease or heart failure, you can help to prevent future episodes. Be sure to follow medical advice and have regular check-ups. Following these general nutritional tips will help prevent heart failure.

  • Sodium – Sodium contributes to the retention of fluid in the body. The typical Western diet contains almost twice as much sodium as the body needs. For those with healthy hearts, no more than six grams of sodium per day is recommended. If you are already affected by heart disease, ask your doctor for your recommended allowance.
  • Fats – A high fat diet leads to plaque build-up in the vessels and can lead to heart attack, especially when it consists saturated fats.Use monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats instead.
  • Sugars- A diet high in sugar contributes to weight gain and obesity, which contributes to heart disease.
  • Alcohol- Alcohol can make heart failure worse. Stay within the guidelines recommended by your physician.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – A diet packed with healthy fruits and vegetables provides fiber and important nutrients known to be heart-protective.

Tips for Everyday Life

Following a heart-healthy diet can keep you healthy. If you already have heart disease, like high blood pressure or heart failure, it can help to improve heart function. Seek medical advice and follow your doctor’s instructions closely.

When looking at your diet, it is easier to consider the whole picture, rather than just parts. These nutritional tips will make it worry-free.

  • More of These

o    Healthy fats such as olive oil, flax seeds, avocados and raw nuts

o    Colorful vegetables and fruits, either frozen or fresh.

o    High fiber foods like beans and legumes. Include whole grain foods like breads and cereals.

o    Include more fish and poultry for important omega-3s and high quality protein.

o    Use egg whites or egg substitutes, and keep dairy to skim, low-fat and non-fat. This supplies calcium and protein.

  • Less of These

o    Avoid saturated fats by eating less red meat and whole dairy products. Cut out fried foods.

o    Eliminate any packaged foods from your diet. They contain a large amount of sodium and preservatives.

o    White bread, cereal made of granola, or pastas and rice that are refined.

o    Whole eggs and milk, or dairy products made from whole milk.

Food labels can lead you astray by claiming to be “cholesterol-free”, but it’s important to carefully read the ingredients list to make heart healthy choices.


Phlebotomy is the study of vein cutting with the intention of drawing blood from patients. Phlebotomy is like any other course in the medical field, which takes two years for one to accomplish training and six months for those who are already practicing medicine.

Anybody can train to be a phlebotomist but should attain specific qualifications, which are, they should have passed so well at the high school or GED levels, they should be 18 years and over, they must have undertaken all the required immunization tests and clean criminal records should be proven by the state. After training, it may be quite difficult to get a job if you have not taken the certification test since most employers are always in search of phlebotomists that are certified.

Acquiring phlebotomy certification starts all the way, from when one starts training in an institution. Phlebotomy schools provide programs that will allow one to cover all the required concepts of the course. All schools divide the training period into hours whereby some hours are set aside for theory and the rest for practical work. Most of the hours are delegated to the practical work in the laboratory since that is the area that a phlebotomist spends most of his or her time examining specimen.

Training of phlebotomy mainly touches on lab use and handing of its equipments, skin venipunctures, handling of specimen whether blood or non-blood, taking care of patients and prescribing medication but this comes with the assistance of the physicians.

The last stage in training is taking the final tests where a trainee should ensure to excel by attaining the required points or more. After the tests, a trainee is ready to pursue the course but one other qualification is of essence if one is ready to attain the best in phlebotomy as a career and that is phlebotomy certification. A phlebotomist can choose to apply for certification immediately after training or alternatively seek internship first in a nearby clinic to acquire more skills or get the exposure they deserve before venturing in the field. The more skills one acquires from the internship helps one to prepare so well for the certification tests.

Each state has an authorized board where phlebotomists are required to apply for certification tests. A phlebotomist must take a test, which one must attain above average points to qualify. Once a phlebotomist has passed in the certification test, they should be ready to seek for employment comfortably. Phlebotomy as a career is one that has never lacked demand for a very long time and because it requires professionalism, employers will always give the first priority to those who are already certified.

Phlebotomy as a career is very enticing, first because of the salary, they earn and second because of the benefits that phlebotomists enjoy while at work. It is also a continuous course where one should not feel contented with the training they underwent in college but should strive to seek more to advance in the career.

The advancement comes by attending seminars and taking more short training courses that will boost knowledge hence taking more certification tests. By doing that, a phlebotomist will not only acquire higher ranks at their work places but also have better salary.

How Can Jack In The Box Coupons Improve your Lifestyle

In today’s life we are faced by many challenges that force us to limit our lifestyles to the brim such that we are always looking for a way to cut costs on everything that we do or buy. The current hard economic times are forcing everyone unless to those extremely rich to look for ways to cut costs on everything we buy be it foodstuff, clothing to anything else that we need in our lives as a basic need or tertiary needs.

For this reason, almost everyone is looking for a cheaper way of survival in our daily lives by looking for options that will make life simple living. One of the trends that people are looking for is buying different Jack in the Box Coupons where they will get goods and services at cheaper rate without necessarily compromising on the quality of what we want to buy. Coupons come in different forms and shapes in relation to what we want.

coupons for jack in the box

Jack in the box printable coupons are one of the options that one can adapt for a simpler lifestyle. There are people due to their daily schedules are forced to most of the time especially lunch time have their meals at Jack in the box restaurants. These persons who frequent eating joints almost on daily basis, are always on the look out to the jack in the box restaurants that have quality food for their consumption and preference as well as look for a restaurant that is offering their meals at affordable prices. Such group of people who eat out regularly necessarily not out of choice usually look for restaurants that are offering their meals at discounted prices so that they will enjoy their desired ,meals at reasonably affordable prices.

There are restaurant for example who give an offer in their Jack in the box restaurants such that a meal that would cost one $50 will be given at a discounted offer rate of 15 days for a specific period of days or at specific times in the day. With such kind of discounted meals, those who value their money are expected to buy coupons that they will present to the person at the restaurant and be served with the meal that would have made them spend $50 for just $15. With this, it doesn’t mean that the person has consumed lesser meal on quality or quantity but they have just been served with the same meal that would have made them use that much for less.

There are those who don’t want to visit such a Jack in the box location because they don’t want to look cheap and that they are always looking for restaurants with discounted offers and end up using so much whereas they could have just entered a restaurant with the same quality food or with much better quality food for less and they decide to go where the food is expensive.
With adapting the habit of looking for those Jack in the Box restaurants with coupons where one will be discounted on the meals they have can greatly improve one’s life since they will be enjoying the same food and obviously making a big saving and the money they would have used on the food diverted to other uses hence improving their lifestyle greatly at no quality and quantity cost.


Amber teething necklace is renowned as a traditional method of relieving pain and is commonly useful to the young ones therefore it can be used as an alternative to medicine. However, even adults can use the necklace since it is equally reactant and useful to them.

One may tend to wonder how the necklace works since it equally resembles a fashionable ornament and in addition, it is quite beautiful. However, it is wise knowing that it is natural with medicinal factors that enable quick wound recovery, it boosts the immune system and controls any sign of inflammation.

The reason it is used on toddlers is that in the teething stage, their bodies tend to be affected by the mentioned symptoms and they are prone to fever hence making them uncomfortable. With the amber teething necklace tied on them, it is no doubt that the pain and discomfort becomes outdated.

AMBER TEETHING NECKLACEAt times, one may wonder what the amber teething necklace is made of despite the fact it being natural. To start with, it is made of natural resin beads that are well shaped and designed to enhance safety on babies.

The beads are found in different colors, shape and sizes depending on one’s preference but they are better when small to prevent chances of choking babies.

However, being the exploring type, they are, and the much they like biting anything they come across, parents must ensure to always keep an eye on the babies whenever they have worn the amber teething necklace.

Nevertheless, why use amber as a pain reliever as opposed to going to a pharmacy and buying painkillers? Those with clear prove can attest that amber has soothing effect and it provide calming to discomfort. It is also proven that when worn and is exposed to the skin, the warmth produced by the skin releases some oils that heal which are later directed into the bloodstream hence a detection of positive reaction.


  • The necklace is good for both boys and girls and it has also proven its effectiveness to adults
  • It is a completely drug free way of relieving fevers that affect babies when teething
  • It is lightweight hence comfortable when worn
  • To adults, wearing amber will prevent cases of electrocution from electrical gadgets
  • It can be used as an embalming agent or disinfectants on wounds whereby it causes wounds to dry fast
  • It has no side effects when worn
  • Beads made to make the necklaces are not toxic hence they do not harm babies in case of swallowing

Despite amber teething necklace, mothers have bangles to choose between the two. It is wise knowing that they are not good to chew and to enhance maximum safety; mothers should ensure that children would not sleep in them. Babies should start wearing the necklace early enough since as they grow they will not find the necklace foreign to them hence will not keep touching and pulling them. It is however good to keep the necklaces out of reach of children whenever they are not in use.


Phlebotomy is a course that will take as long as one may desire to advance in it. This is because it is a continuous course especially after full course training in the training institutions. Certification in phlebotomy is very essential in ones phlebotomy career. This is because employers highly consider certified technicians to hire.

Phlebotomy training involves new high school graduates and those who are already in the medical department who need to advance in their career. For the high school graduates, much is required in the training including time since they have no basics of the course. They take approximately two years to accomplish training at the institutions and they are required to get internships for work experience. They can take approximately a year before they seek certification that is after graduation. As for those in the medical departments, six months is enough for them to get the concept and a few months for certification depending on the accomplishment of the required hours of certification.

For high school graduates to enroll for training, they are required to provide academic transcripts, must be 18 years and above, they must provide documents describing their health conditions and their criminal records. After enrolling, they are required to attend classes for introductory work and basics, but they advance as time goes. Clinical work is also important in the course where they get to understand the concept better. Phlebotomy training is known for blood drawing in veins but there is more to that. They are trained on laboratory use, how to handle both blood and non-blood specimen and the general human anatomy.

Phlebotomy training is crucial and needs total dedication and interest since the technicians train on how to become a phlebotomist by dealing with patients in future. They should yearn to grasp all the required techniques that are of essence in the training and acquire more skills by also carrying out research activities that may apply in the course adding, that which has not been covered. It is then later when their skills are measured by doing final examination, which determines the ability of one moving to the next stage that is certification.


Phlebotomy Certification is however, the last stage in the qualification of phlebotomy training, where all technicians must pass through, since it is the only way to employment. Certification is the last stage but it is a continuous program where the phlebotomy technicians will at any time advance in their career. Some states will recommend a licensed phlebotomy technician that will go in hand with certification.

For one to acquire certification documents, they are required to take certification examinations, which are based on different categories depending on the entire phlebotomy course. Anything is tested so the technicians should strive to acquire all the skills. It is finally the duty of the phlebotomy technicians to ensure that they qualify in the examinations since average scores are not condoned in a career as this one. The hirers also will always look for performers to work in their health institutions.
After a successful certification test, the phlebotomy technician is free to seek for employment and it is then when they realize that it had been worth taking the course since the salary of phlebotomists is quite enticing. Much time is spent but in the end, it becomes a healer.