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Amber teething necklace is renowned as a traditional method of relieving pain and is commonly useful to the young ones therefore it can be used as an alternative to medicine. However, even adults can use the necklace since it is equally reactant and useful to them.

One may tend to wonder how the necklace works since it equally resembles a fashionable ornament and in addition, it is quite beautiful. However, it is wise knowing that it is natural with medicinal factors that enable quick wound recovery, it boosts the immune system and controls any sign of inflammation.

The reason it is used on toddlers is that in the teething stage, their bodies tend to be affected by the mentioned symptoms and they are prone to fever hence making them uncomfortable. With the amber teething necklace tied on them, it is no doubt that the pain and discomfort becomes outdated.

AMBER TEETHING NECKLACEAt times, one may wonder what the amber teething necklace is made of despite the fact it being natural. To start with, it is made of natural resin beads that are well shaped and designed to enhance safety on babies.

The beads are found in different colors, shape and sizes depending on one’s preference but they are better when small to prevent chances of choking babies.

However, being the exploring type, they are, and the much they like biting anything they come across, parents must ensure to always keep an eye on the babies whenever they have worn the amber teething necklace.

Nevertheless, why use amber as a pain reliever as opposed to going to a pharmacy and buying painkillers? Those with clear prove can attest that amber has soothing effect and it provide calming to discomfort. It is also proven that when worn and is exposed to the skin, the warmth produced by the skin releases some oils that heal which are later directed into the bloodstream hence a detection of positive reaction.


  • The necklace is good for both boys and girls and it has also proven its effectiveness to adults
  • It is a completely drug free way of relieving fevers that affect babies when teething
  • It is lightweight hence comfortable when worn
  • To adults, wearing amber will prevent cases of electrocution from electrical gadgets
  • It can be used as an embalming agent or disinfectants on wounds whereby it causes wounds to dry fast
  • It has no side effects when worn
  • Beads made to make the necklaces are not toxic hence they do not harm babies in case of swallowing

Despite amber teething necklace, mothers have bangles to choose between the two. It is wise knowing that they are not good to chew and to enhance maximum safety; mothers should ensure that children would not sleep in them. Babies should start wearing the necklace early enough since as they grow they will not find the necklace foreign to them hence will not keep touching and pulling them. It is however good to keep the necklaces out of reach of children whenever they are not in use.