WP-Polaroid: Download some Adii style

This might be seen as an impulsive, gutsy and risky move, but I’ve decided to release a slightly modified of my current design as a free WordPress theme. This design has proved to be hugely popular and many of you have either e-mailed me or commented on this blog, requesting a similar design – so what better way to satisfy that request than by releasing the design as a free download?

This them often used by this web design company

The theme is suitably labelled “WP-Polaroid” and now you too can have some Adii style on your blog…

Wp Polaroid

Donate & Download:

Since I’m sure that you would agree that a design and theme like this takes a whole lot of time to develop, I’ve decided to allow you to donate a little something (any amount you see fit) to say “Thank You”. A donation is certainly not required, but is definitely most welcome!

Download the theme: WP-Polaroid by Adii

Installation, Required Plugins & Tweaks:

  • I have included a full Readme to explain everything with regards to installing the theme, the required plugins and also to make the required tweaks.
  • You will have to create your own polaroid images, but I have included a simple Photoshop file to help you on your way.


The footer includes a link back to my blog. It is a credit link yes and I would prefer that you keep it in tact – but if you would like to remove it, go straight ahead… The Adii police won’t try catch you!

Hope you enjoy the theme!